Knowledge of the Ages


motzei shabbos: Toldos 5781

“And Isaac digged again the wells of water, which they had digged in the days of Abraham.”

– Genesis 26:18, JPS 1917 Tanach

After the death of Abraham, “the springs of wisdom,” were stopped up. Yet, “when Isaac, his son, came and held to his father’s path, he taught this awareness to the people of his generation as well – to return and dig to the aspect of a well of living water through many types of intelligences and great and concealed counsels – until Isaac dug again the wells of water (Gen. 26:18)” (Akeidas Yitzchak, Toldos 19;

The wellsprings of our lives, ideally must flow from Above, so that we may obtain the full benefit of the wisdom of G-d, and our thirst for knowledge be quenched. Unless we follow in the footsteps of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, we will be unable to conceive, ideally, what is the true nature of G-d, according to the perspective provided by all those whose words were inspired by G-d, including Moses, David, and the prophets. This is our tradition, faith, and belief, passed down through the ages.

At the time of the reign of Moshiach (Messiah) from Jerusalem,”The earth shall be full of the knowledge of the L-RD, as the waters cover the sea” (Isaiah 11:9, JPS 1917 Tanach). Thus, in tandem with the knowledge of H’Shem that will be prolific, amongst all who aspire to learn of Him, we will also share in the unity of His essence, as is also mentioned in kitvei kodesh (holy scripture), “And the L-RD shall be King over all the earth; In that day shall the L-RD be One, and His name one” (Zechariah 14:9, JPS 1917 Tanach). Therefore, we look forward to the complete realization incumbent upon us to search, yearn, and dig for until that time.

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